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Handbag Tucan
Handbag Tucan
Handbag Tucan
$ 160.00

Handbag Tucan

Handmade, ethically sourced tribal handbag

A creation where the modern and the ancient play together bringing a unique and special result.

This clutch is a co-creation from 2 native communities of Colombia (Embera chami and peasant artisan women from Nariño). Each community contributed to create this wonderful design.

The toucan is a tribal symbol that is carved on totem poles by native tribes. The toucan represents communication and showmanship. The toucan's colorful appearance and large bill indicates a strong desire to be seen and heard. When the toucan appears as a totem it is likely time for you to step forward out of the shadows and stand in the limelight.

Toucan is a good amulet to boost your self-esteem.

Materials: Wire sculpture, Iraca palm fiber & glass beads.



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