YUMAJAI Necklace Karagabi Okama
YUMAJAI Necklace Karagabi Okama
YUMAJAI Necklace Karagabi Okama
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Karagabi Okama


Handmade, ethically sourced tribal Okama.

The Okamas is a tradition of women in the Embera Tribe. They receive their first Okama when they receive their first menstruation cycle. The Okama means the path that runs around the neck and its function is to protect the woman's heart, empower her, and to highlight her beauty.

The waves of the Okamas are full of ancestral wisdom. It is a tradition that passes from mothers and grandmothers to daughters and granddaughters.

Every Okama tells a story; this one is connected to Karagabi- the creator of the Embera tribe, the one that created the world; the men & women, the sun (Humantahú), the moon (Gedeco), the stars, and brought food to the humans from the highest levels of the universe.

Karagabi gave the name to everything, established the laws and respect for human life, giving orders in the world with all the elements of nature. The story tells that Karagabi brought water to the world out of a tree he cut down.

The blue color reassures the mind and dispels fears.

It is a good amulet for strength and connection

Materials:Golden Golfi necklace, Swarovski crystals, Glass beads.



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