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Bajã Okama-Sky Okama
Bajã Okama-Sky Okama
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Bajã Okama-Sky Okama

Handmade, ethically sourced tribal Okama.

The Okama is a tradition of women in the Embera Tribe. They receive their first Okama when they receive their first month. The Okama is the path that runs around the neck, and its function is to protect the woman's heart, empower her, and to highlight her beauty.

The waves of the Okamas are full of ancestral wisdom. It is a tradition that passes from mothers and grandmothers to daughters. Every Okama tells a story;

This Okama is connected to the sacred and the secret of life. The sky, the home of the great spirit.

It's a good amulet for strengthening trust

MaterialsGolden golfi necklace, Swarovski crystals & glass beads.



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