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Cascada Fatafono-Waterfall Heliconia
Cascada Fatafono-Waterfall Heliconia
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$ 110.00

Cascada Fatafono-Waterfall Heliconia

Handmade, ethically sourced tribal necklace.

In this necklace we decided to play with the chain and the symbols that appear in many of the Embera weaves. A creation where the modern and the ancient play together bringing a unique and special result.

For the Embera Tribe flowers are connected with beauty, feminine energy, growth and abundance. They are used in many of their works as representations of the jungle and the connection with the sacred. The women decorate with them to highlight their beauty.

*This specific flower represents the Heliconias.

A beautiful, strong jungle flower that is also quite attractive to hummingbirds for their rich nectar.

It is a good amulet for joy, beauty and abundance
MaterialsGold golfi necklace & Glass beads.


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