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Clutch Pisac Agua
Clutch Pisac Agua
Clutch Pisac Agua
Clutch Pisac Agua
$ 55.00

Clutch Pisac Agua

Handmade, ethically sourced tribal clutch

This clutch takes us to the magical lands of the Sacred Valley in Peru.

Quechua women tell us: “Since ancient times, our ancestors have used weavings and material designs to convey their surroundings and beliefs”

In the times of the Inca, these designs and types of textiles also served to identify the social and political level of the owners of these fabrics.

This weaving symbolizes the earth, and its unattainable power to give, and to give with unconditional love and abundance.

A clutch full of stories and magical encounters of our adventures in Peru.

A good amulet for love, relationships and joy.

Materials: This weaving was made by machine in a small family factory in Cusco, with pompoms handmade by a family of artisans in Pisac.



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