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Handbag Puma
Handbag Puma
Handbag Puma
Handbag Puma
$ 90.00

Handbag Puma

Handmade, ethically sourced tribal handbag

A creation where the modern and the ancient play together bringing a unique and special result.

This handbag is a co-creation from 2 native communities of Colombia ( Kamsa and peasant artisan women from Nariño). Each community contributed to create this wonderful design.

For many indigenous tribes in Latin America, the puma is a very important totem.

The puma symbolizes that you have come into your own power.

Use the power behind your intentions, stay focused, take a breath and balance yourself.

Learn to know when gentleness is needed and when asserting your energy will bring you to your goal.

Above all, the puma teaches us how to use our leadership qualities without ego.

The puma brings you the ability to focus your intentions and strength. Use your powers wisely.

The golden color strengthens the body and the spirit.

A good amulet for power and balance.

Materials: Iraca palm fiber,  The ancestral technique of ‘cire-perdue’ or ‘lost-wax’ process, 24K gold-plated bronze, & glass beads.



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