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Handbag Star
Handbag Star
Handbag Star
$ 110.00

Handbag Star

Handmade, ethically sourced tribal handbag

A creation where the modern and the ancient play together bringing a unique and special result.

This clutch is a co-creation with 2 native communities of Colombia (Embera chami and peasant artisan women from Nariño). Each community contributed to create this wonderful design.

The Morning Star symbolizes hope and guidance. The morning star is the brightest star in the sky at dawn and is actually the planet Venus as seen in the eastern sky around dawn. It is used by many indigenous tribes and usually has meanings related to past spirits and ancestors. In many of the Native cultures, the ancestors were represented as stars.

They honor the morning star as a sign of courage and purity of spirit.

A good amulet for the coming renewal.

Materials: Wire sculpture, Iraca palm fibers.



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