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Handmade, ethically sourced tribal fashion

YUMAJAI is a fashion brand based in Colombia. We collaborate and use a co-creation process with local talented indigenous artisans and young promising designers in Colombia to fuse an ancient indigenous craft & art with a modern design approach to come up with unique designs. Our collection offers fresh designs while supporting the culture of the indigenous tribes through the preservation of crafts, designs and ancestral wisdom. Each purchase of our jewelry, bags & accessories funds one hour of training for a group of local artisans.


Powerful Clutch's

Puma Clutch
Colibri Clutch
Guacamaya Clutch

Awesome handbag's

Handbag Guacamaya
Handbag Tucan
Handbag Star


Hoja Rota
Guacamaya Solitaire filigree
Puma Gold Rain

Colorful clutch's

Nifono Clutch
Mode Clutch
Beda Clutch

cool ring's

Guacamaya Ring
Garden Ring
Puma Gold Ring

on Sale now!

Cascada Guacamayas-Waterfall Guacamayas
Pulsera Bidika Tierra-Bidika Earth Bracelet
Pulsera Manantial-Water Spring Bracelet
Pulsera Estrella-Star Bracelet
Kueba Ve Kea Ebarishi-The Red Dew
Mode-Mountain Pendant

Each one gives one

Our goal is to create 700 hours of social impact

with each jewelry you purchase, you create one hour of social impact

lets your friends know about our impact, share our story

meaningful impact

Each Jewelry that Yumajai sell is equal 1 hour of training for a group of 3-15 Indigenous artisans. The topic & Type of training is based on the needs of the specific community, it bases on research process the Yumajai Team leads in a participatory, Dialogue & circular approach with the community & Person to person. As well all the training is following the Yumajai ‘Win Win Win’ ethical approach; Personal Growth, community building & services to the earth.


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