Our Story

Yumajai Story

We collaborate and use a co-creation process with local talented indigenous artisans and young promising designers in Colombia to fuse an ancient indigenous craft & art with a modern design approach to generate unique designs. Our collection offers fresh designs while supporting the culture of the indigenous tribes through the preservation of crafts, designs and ancestral wisdom. 

Yumajai ethical fashion 

Our philosophy

Is based on a co-creation design approach and the ethics of a win-win-win culture so that our brand supports the communities we work with while simultaneously creating unique fashion designs and social impact

We believe that

 We believe that by collaboration and co-creation, we can create unique designs that keep the ethics and the values we want to see & be in the world

How we do it?

By creating new opportunities, preserving, and sharing the knowledge and wisdom of the Indigenous tribes & combining them with up to date fashion design to share it with the fashion world
We create new opportunities by preserving and sharing the knowledge and wisdom of Indigenous Tribes, combined with an up-to-date fashion design to share with the fashion world

What does Yumajai mean?

In the Native Embera Tribe in Colombia the word “Yumajai” refers to the Spirit (Jai) of the Rainbow (Yuma). It symbolizes the essence that each of us is a unique color in the world, and each color is an important part of the whole tribe, community and world we are living in

 our vision

To Form a network of indigenous communities who specialize in and practice their traditional art and craft in a way that can bring livelihood and opportunities for now & for future generations. To form a connection and value between ancient cultures and knowledge to western society by creating a win win win collaboration between indigenous and the world

 Our Mission

To share with Humanity the beauty and wisdom of the indigenous tribes in Colombia via fresh & unique fashion designs, so more people can connect and to be inspired from their work and keep their knowledge alive and capture.


Yumajai a Co-Creation story from Yumajai on Vimeo.





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