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Yumajai offers a unique designed fashion earrings for women, all our earrings are unique & handmade hold doing the old and the new in each one of them.

Puma Gold Rain
Ear Cuff Enredadera
Hoja Rota
Guacamayita Tropical
Topos Forest Filigree
Guacamaya Solitaire filigree
Guacamaya Kamsa
Pluma Pop Colibri
Colibri putumayo
Filigree colibri flower
Colibrí & Flower
Colibri Esmeralda
Borrachero Flower
Bidika Fuego-Fire Bidika
Bidika Bania-Water Bidika
Fuego-Fire earrings
Bidika Aire-Air Bidika
Bidika Llorobá-Earth Bidika
Mode-Mountain Earrings
Kueba Ve Kea Ebarishi-The Red Dew


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