Social impact model & Co-Creation

Our impact

Since 2014 we have been working with three families (14 people) from the Embera Chami tribe who live in Pereira next to the biggest coffee plantation zone in Colombia. Together we are exploring the history, culture, ceremony and symbol of the tribe.

During this time we identified future possibilities of community work with the families and the other 120 Embera family members who live in the surrounding area. Topics such as Nutrition, community building, health issues, alcoholism and financial education are on the top of the list for our future work with them, as we build trust and gain their approval in order to access the larger community by first supporting them in creating a stable income from their traditional artisanal.

Social impact approach

Yumajai fuse social Innovation and sustainability practice to empowers native Communities in Colombia  to overcome poverty and become leaders in their communities


How we work

Our partner artisans represent one of the world’s most marginalized populations – rural indigenous and farmer communities in Colombia. Yumajai proved a stable income and Capacity building programs to support the community's member become leaders in their communities, allowed them to build and create sustainable income and unlock New Opportunities

We then connect them with large-scale sales opportunities so they can turn these skills into income. With this income, artisans provide nutritious food to their families and invest in their children's education and the community resilience.

 change that goes through

Traditional development efforts address the effects, not the causes, of cyclical poverty. Yumajai is unique in its focus on change from the ground up: we provide education, tools, and access to international markets so that artisan can build their own businesses and invest in their own communities.
Our partner artisans have suffered discrimination, violence, poverty and lack of education. Through an innovative dual approach that combines business partnerships with educational programs, Yumajai supports these communities to connect to international sales opportunities on an unprecedented scale.
From one of the most marginalized populations in the world, our partner artisans are rising to become leaders in their communities and a source of change in global sourcing practices.



From the early beginning of 'YumaJai' we decide that we want to create a new design in a new way. A curricular approach that allowed the collective creativity flow, enable to combine the old and the new in an equal and sustainable way. Our Co-Creation process of a new collection is around 3 months where we use Design Thinking Approach with other Social Technology.  We develop a new way of where Ancient and Modern can work with each other and we attend to bring our methods to more indigenous Tribes in Colombia.
This is how we see the core of Co-Creation:

Imagine a situation in which all join forces to work together and that this influences the evolution of life on the planet.

Imagine that every human effort to create social interactions is intended to develop and enrich society as a whole.

Imagine that people develop projects with an awareness of contribution and cooperation, and these themselves are created in order to continue developing and supporting future projects.



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