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“There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity. And that lie is, ‘There’s not enough good to go around. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s just not enough.’

The truth is that there’s more than enough good to go around. There is more than enough creative ideas. There is more than enough power. There is more than enough love. There’s more than enough joy. All of this begins to come through a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature.

There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act on it, it will show up for you. That's the truth.”

-Michael Bernard Beckwith-

In October, we traveled to southern Colombia, to Putumayo and Nariño to learn more about two new communities with which we have begun to work with. Soon comes our second collection where we are already implementing pieces from these 2 communities.

It was a wonderful trip where we felt very well received. It is very special for us to be in close contact and in a deep dialogue with indigenous women and peasants, artisans, mothers, and heads of families who, with the help of their hands and their talent,  have succeeded and brought forth their children.

It was special to visit their workshops, talk about their traditions, understand what their needs are and sit down as human beings to share. Is beautiful to discover how together they have developed the incredible strength to support each other.

I was surprised by the generosity of these people. Since we arrived they brought us their typical dishes, they shared their food with us, their time, their stories, their dreams ...

They took us to their gardens, to their kitchens, they did not let us pay for a hotel, instead of hosting us in their house and sharing their perspective with us ...

"what little they have" ...

It was a journey that led me to deeply observe what is in itself, abundance.


What does abundance mean to you? Having a lot of money? Having a lot of clothes in your closet? To have a car? To have and to have and to have ... I have nothing against having the purchasing power to give us our tastes ... what we want, it's great! It's a privilege!

Sharing with these women, who have not had the same opportunities as many of us do, I found that abundance is also in relationships, in the ability to support themselves, in the soil and the seeds they sow that become their food, in their stories, in their talented hands, in their dreams, in the simplicity of a life of courage, work and connection with the earth ... a life full of faith and gratitude.

 They are women who did not study at university and many of them not at school either, but they are connected with a deep knowledge that comes from life itself.

Abundance is in the union of forces ... is the ability to support one another.

So this month we invite you to also reflect on what abundance is for you.

Black Friday and Christmas are coming, we all want to buy gifts for our loved ones ... and here, I invite you to ask before buying a gift ... who made it? Under what conditions? What impact is this gift generating?

I invite you to buy ethical products, ethical fashion!

There are many very special brands that through their work are contributing to the transformation of many lives of women, children and entire communities. Within these brands we are. So consume with a conscience! Our planet needs it! Humanity needs it!

For black friday we will be giving a 35% discount on all our pieces and free shipping to the US/Can, so that your friends and family can take advantage of it and acquire a gift full of positive impact, meaning, lots of love and many stories.

Big hug girls and Happy month for all!



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We want to dedicate this month to the ability of transformation. To the resilience.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and for me, it's a form of art. I found out that my biggest teacher in life to understand Resilience is Human that living in vulnerable communities, they show & taught me how to stay positive and be able to recover even if life getting intense and chaotic. With time working with them I discover how strong in the connection that the clown can bring and what is the power of vulnerability to be able to deal with change when it's happening. To find solution and bring creativity to yourself, family and communities

In August, as you could see on our Instagram profile, we were in Peru. Working in the jungle and in the mountains. I have already been working for 10 years as a social clown in many places around the world. And every year in August I come to work to the Peruvian jungle along with Patch Adams and 100 more clowns.

In one of these trips I came to Colombia to work with the ECOPAZIFICO Foundation, as a social clown and it was right there where I met the first indigenous family that we started to work with 3 years ago and that inspired us deeply. The fact of seeing them out in the streets, in a very complex situation, made me feel like I had a thorn in my heart and I haven’t stopped ever since, believing that transformation is indeed possible…Several times pain forces us to notice those things that have to change and if you work with discipline, perseverance, patience, amazement, creativity, and respect we can achieve a lot of realities to change.

That’s what we are doing with YUMAJAI and we are happy for our message and our pieces to reach different places in the world and also happy that you help us transform the reality of many indigenous people. I want to thank you because you’re making an impact and helping us for this transformation to happen. Thanks for your heart! And thanks for consuming fashion with consciousness.

We began working with one family…Now, for our next collection which will be launched by late October, we are working with 3 different communities and this makes us enormously happy. Get ready because this new collection is spectacular!!!

This month we have a special discount in all of the Okamas. Okamas are important amulets for the Embera women to protect the heart and strengthen us as women.

From my point of view, our ability to give, to hand over, is directly connected to our hearts. And within them lays the force that can change the world!

Cheers for the ethical fashion, may you keep on enjoying it, buying with consciousness and may you have a wonderful month in which we all together celebrate the transformation.

Love ❤️


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“Wild women are here to rebuild a bridge between mother nature and people” 


Being a woman is a path full of teachings. We move in a constant spiral that at the same time is connected with the cycles of nature.

At our base, we have a deep connection with the wild. But what is the wild?

It is nothing more than a natural force that we all share. It is the ability to listen to our intuition and express ourselves from the heart. To do and to be what we really want to.

It is the force of life itself that pulsates within us, wanting to manifest itself, the creative force, full of empathy, care and affection and at the same time the destructive force...which does not seek to destroy per se. It is rather a force that forces you to wake up, to reorganize, not to fall into the every day and the automatic ...Constantly compelling you to live from a deep connection with you, your dreams, your family, your community, wanting, caring, delivering and at the same time without forgetting about yourself.

“Regardless of affiliations or collective influences, our challenge in favor of the wild soul and our creative spirit is not to merge with any community, but to distinguish ourselves out from those around us, building bridges to return to them as we choose” -(Women running with wolves)-

This is often the most difficult task. This dance between me and the other.

As women in these times, where the tasks are many, we must sharpen our internal listening ...and trust this internal voice that knows what we really need…

There, we will find freedom, creativity, adventures, love, beauty ... It is the voice of faith ... our feminine shadow and at the same time our motor to be reborn ...if we really listen, we can free our instinctive spirit.

This Summer, Yumajai want to invite you to come with us to the wild, to start a new adventure with yourself! To try something new that you have never tried before, to visit a new place and to discover the essence of the Wildness in you.

Where do you want to go today? What will inspire you to snap out of your routine and start your new adventure?

What should you take with you? A book? A lighter? Sunglasses? Or maybe something more exciting?

Embrace your own power.




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The 'Unconditional love'

This month we celebrate Mother's Day,

This wonderful human being, who gave us birth, life.

She nursed us, took care of us, went sleep deprived, gave herself to us - day and night.

I found this poem that I liked very much and I want to share it with you:

"Mothers and daughters, 

Are a bond of strength.

The mother-daughter relationship is almost always on the edge. It is indefinable ...

Like every link in growth, it is mutant and is transformed.

It is a bond so passionate, it is sometimes difficult to control.

From hatred to love in one step, from the confident companion to the mortal enemy

And back to recognition.

The relationship between the two often looks like a roller coaster.

In a matter of minutes, you can move on a sunny day to the biggest of the storms, then go back to see the rainbow.

The first step is to understand that your mother is only human, fragile, imperfect, perhaps with an unhappy childhood. Do not idealize or discredit her.

Your mother is not God, nor you as daughter a saint.

We are people and the best we can do is humanize ourselves, so forgive her if she made a mistake or do something you do not like.

Remember that you want to live your life your way, then let her live hers,

Just love her as she is.

You exist because she exists.

The relationship between mother and daughter can be one of the most beautiful that we experience in life and is one of the most intense, deep and complex of human beings.”

Embera chami mother time

So while we have them alive, let´s enjoy them...

And show them how much we love them.

If you are looking to give your mother a special gift, this month we are offering a 20% discount on all our pieces in our store.

It is important to know that this gift that you will give to your mother is handmade by the Embera Chami Tribe. Each piece is a unique amulet loaded with ancestral knowledge and meaning. In addition, with each piece of jewelry you purchase, you create one hour of social impact.

This is for me the most beautiful part,  being able to share, give, support, love unconditionally.

Just as our mothers have taught us since we came to this world ...

Happy Mother's month to you all!

Talya <3

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Imagen you in full bloom!

In the last weeks, I have been thinking a lot about the seeds, the flowers and the change of seasons from winter to spring, as a metaphor of my life.
This is why I was excited when we were invited by a wonderful Shaman from de high Putumayo to the New Year and forgiveness celebrations that took place from the 24th to the 28th of February in Sibundoy Valley, Colombia. I was curious to discover why these are the dates when they celebrate the new year? and how they connect the celebration of the new year to the topic of asking for forgiveness to mother earth, to themselves and to each other?
It is very special to see how they do this; Putting petals of flowers on each other's head and blessing each other for a blooming year and in some time reflecting on their connection to nature, food, air & water.
For the Indigenous in Sibundoy Valley, the year begins when they dance and sing for four days in honor and gratitude to Mother Earth, only then they are ready to sowing their new seeds for the next season. It is very inspiring to see how their lives are so connected to the earth.
The new year begins on a new moon and after the celebrations they plant the seeds and their intentions on the ground, focused on the new beginning, knowing that it is important to be at peace with themselves, with others and with the earth.  Knowing that all this will be the fruits of tomorrow for them, their family and community.

All this has led me to reflect and to be attentive to what I sow, in my actions, my thoughts, my relationships and my dreams and also remind me of these Words of Marianne Williamson pronounced by Nelson Mandela during a speech in 1994.
This month we celebrate international women's day ...
There is so much in this word.... WOMEN
We are seeds, we are fruits, we are ourselves, we are mothers, wives, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, friends and we are also strong women, with big dreams working to fill the world with love and well-being
I wish for all of us to shine and bloom and celebrate life
to support each other, to forgive each other and ourselves and to be attentive to what we sow today, because they will be the flowers and the fruits of tomorrow.
The world needs us like this, Blooming women
shining stars.
with love


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