Hello 2018 we are ready for you

Welcome 2018 it’s time to look forward and process everything that happens for us in Yumajai in the last year, we believe that by looking back, reflection and celebration we can focus on our plan for 2018 and continue to build our social impact work next to new collections of gorgeous pieces of jewelry/accessories/Bags made in a co-creation process.

So what happened in 2017? It’s was a year of pure creation, sowing and growing. It’s crazy to think that only a year ago yumajai born and being shared with the world. More than 100 new products have been made with 3 different local communities, we sold more than 600 products to customers from 15 different countries, this allowed us to create 18 workshops directly to the artisan communities in Colombia following our ‘Each one gives one’ model. We also learn and experience growth in our personal leadership as leaders of change in our own community in Yumajai as our organize develop.

We learn that creating a business with the social mission it’s not an easy mission and we discover how big is the need for more people to take this step to combine profit driving goals next to social driving goals, therefore we create our ‘Mission Statement-Aligned Governance’ to make clear why we are here? and for what we stand. (you can read it by yourself and tell us what do you think)

2017 has been a year with new partnerships; we join the ARTISAN ALLIANCE, participate in SOFE program and join the DONE GOOD platform and network. Partnership and collaboration are one of Yumajai core value and we plan to keep developing new collaboration opportunities during 2018, one of them will be to become a B-corporation.

If 2017 was a year of sowing so 2018 will be the year of observing and enjoying the buds growing in our local and international plan. We will deepen our collaboration with the local artisan and  we will invite our community's to co-create with us our future collections and to meet the artisans in person.

2018 is starting big for us as we join the Las Vegas market this coming February and planning to brand next step to the North American market to bring handmade ethical source jewelry/accessories/Bags from South America to the north.

Last we want to thank you, Yumajai community for seeing our work and supporting the brand it is early days, we see our vision growing step by step focusing on credibility, authenticity, personality and yes co-creating awesome products.

May you all have a new year full of creativity

Dror Noy & Talya Weinberg

Yumajai co-founder    

2018 NEWS update

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