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We made a list of the most common questions we have been asked from our community, please take your time and see if your answer is here. you always welcome to send us more questions or poems to


How did YumaJai begin?

What's the difference between Ethical Fashion, Fair Trade Fashion, and Sustainable Fashion?

Where did your win win win philosophy come from?

Who designs your products?

How often do you visit your artisans?

How long are you working with the Embera tribe?

How much are you paying to the Embera Artisan?

From where from your material come from?

Where are your products manufactured?

Where is your company located and how can I contact you if I have a question?

I have an idea or way to help Yumajai. How do I get involved?

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What If I Need To Make An Exchange?

The item I want is listed as Sold Out. When will it become available again?

What delivery service do you use?

What is the cost of Delivery?

How long will my items take to be delivered?


What type of payments are accepted?



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