Ethics & Values

YumaJai is based on the Ethics of a Win-Win-Win culture.

  1. personal growth- We aim to create an working life environment where everyone can live their passion and create their own learning path to nurture their potential.
  2. community building-We believe in working in diverse, multidisciplinary teams that work as a living organism, knowing and understanding that in this way, every action we take has a much bigger influence than we may think.
  3. services to the earth -Every action, every step, every vision and dream includes making this world better, starting where we stand, in our own home, town & country.



Our Values in work & Life:

100% Handmade-All of the jewelry is handmade by the Embera tribe, following their ancient tradition of craft. Each piece is specially made in Colombia according to each order you make.

Local impact: We act on a global scale to impact local communities. As we develop our work with the indigenous tribes we build local capacity to support each other and strengthen the community.

Traditional knowledge: Each piece has a meaning and a story, and each helps to preserve and pass along the unique knowledge of the Embera tribe.

Collaboration: to be able to really come with unique design that include the old & the new we must collaborate and work with each other to listen and observe.

Made to order- “slow is beautiful” as we aim to take care of the earth and bring more awareness to our work and the way we use the resources we have in the best way possible, we keep our stock small and creating new items only when it's necessary and by demand following the “Slow fashion” ethics.



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