Each one gives one

Yumajai is an ethical fashion brand that creates social impact along with it business goals. Therefore we devote one hour from each purchase into personal & community capacity building for the Native artisan's community we work with.


What is Yumajai social mission?

To Improve the life condition & boost the opportunities of the Native artisan's communities in Colombia 

What is the problem we like to solve?

 The lack of opportunities and access to resources that the Native artisan's communities in Colombia have.
Lack of skills (soft) & education to thrive throw more sustainable and resilient future.

How is it work?

Each Jewelry that Yumajai sell is equal 1 hour of training for a group of 3-15 Indigenous artisans. The topic & Type of training is based on the needs of the specific community, it bases on research process the Yumajai Team leads in a participatory, Dialogue & circular approach with the community & Person to person. As well all the training is following the Yumajai ‘Win Win Win’ ethical approach; Personal Growth, community building & services to the earth.

Our goal for 2019

To create 600 hours of training, more than 20 different Workshop by a wide range of facilitators from Colombia & the world. For more than 150 people.


+ Create a meaningful learning  journey of each individual

 + Create and boost the ability to create their own reality

+ Give and create new personal & community skills  

+ Make the international community part of the training & the journey  

+ Harvest, document & Share the story of the work with Yumajai customers


The Solution Yumajai offer:

Basic income flow-To enable them to work in their traditional craft & art (artisan) in what they good at.
Training base on their needs & request (Ex: Design, Health, Finance & etc)
Boost personal soft skills to deal with the 21st-century work reality via transformational learning approach
Devolve entertainers skills and local venture
Early child training by Non Formal education for the children

How are we going to do it?

Adults Workshop (Ex: soft skills, entrepreneurship, Fashion design, Industrial design, Health, Permaculture, Personal Growth, Marketing, business administration, economy)   
Children Workshop (Ex: storytelling, art, theater, dance, music, food)
Personal Mentoring & coaching for creating the local venture.
Networking with Universities, Government & Ngo in the region.  


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