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We want to dedicate this month to the ability of transformation. To the resilience.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and for me, it's a form of art. I found out that my biggest teacher in life to understand Resilience is Human that living in vulnerable communities, they show & taught me how to stay positive and be able to recover even if life getting intense and chaotic. With time working with them I discover how strong in the connection that the clown can bring and what is the power of vulnerability to be able to deal with change when it's happening. To find solution and bring creativity to yourself, family and communities

In August, as you could see on our Instagram profile, we were in Peru. Working in the jungle and in the mountains. I have already been working for 10 years as a social clown in many places around the world. And every year in August I come to work to the Peruvian jungle along with Patch Adams and 100 more clowns.

In one of these trips I came to Colombia to work with the ECOPAZIFICO Foundation, as a social clown and it was right there where I met the first indigenous family that we started to work with 3 years ago and that inspired us deeply. The fact of seeing them out in the streets, in a very complex situation, made me feel like I had a thorn in my heart and I haven’t stopped ever since, believing that transformation is indeed possible…Several times pain forces us to notice those things that have to change and if you work with discipline, perseverance, patience, amazement, creativity, and respect we can achieve a lot of realities to change.

That’s what we are doing with YUMAJAI and we are happy for our message and our pieces to reach different places in the world and also happy that you help us transform the reality of many indigenous people. I want to thank you because you’re making an impact and helping us for this transformation to happen. Thanks for your heart! And thanks for consuming fashion with consciousness.

We began working with one family…Now, for our next collection which will be launched by late October, we are working with 3 different communities and this makes us enormously happy. Get ready because this new collection is spectacular!!!

This month we have a special discount in all of the Okamas. Okamas are important amulets for the Embera women to protect the heart and strengthen us as women.

From my point of view, our ability to give, to hand over, is directly connected to our hearts. And within them lays the force that can change the world!

Cheers for the ethical fashion, may you keep on enjoying it, buying with consciousness and may you have a wonderful month in which we all together celebrate the transformation.

Love ❤️


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