“Wild women are here to rebuild a bridge between mother nature and people” 


Being a woman is a path full of teachings. We move in a constant spiral that at the same time is connected with the cycles of nature.

At our base, we have a deep connection with the wild. But what is the wild?

It is nothing more than a natural force that we all share. It is the ability to listen to our intuition and express ourselves from the heart. To do and to be what we really want to.

It is the force of life itself that pulsates within us, wanting to manifest itself, the creative force, full of empathy, care and affection and at the same time the destructive force...which does not seek to destroy per se. It is rather a force that forces you to wake up, to reorganize, not to fall into the every day and the automatic ...Constantly compelling you to live from a deep connection with you, your dreams, your family, your community, wanting, caring, delivering and at the same time without forgetting about yourself.

“Regardless of affiliations or collective influences, our challenge in favor of the wild soul and our creative spirit is not to merge with any community, but to distinguish ourselves out from those around us, building bridges to return to them as we choose” -(Women running with wolves)-

This is often the most difficult task. This dance between me and the other.

As women in these times, where the tasks are many, we must sharpen our internal listening ...and trust this internal voice that knows what we really need…

There, we will find freedom, creativity, adventures, love, beauty ... It is the voice of faith ... our feminine shadow and at the same time our motor to be reborn ...if we really listen, we can free our instinctive spirit.

This Summer, Yumajai want to invite you to come with us to the wild, to start a new adventure with yourself! To try something new that you have never tried before, to visit a new place and to discover the essence of the Wildness in you.

Where do you want to go today? What will inspire you to snap out of your routine and start your new adventure?

What should you take with you? A book? A lighter? Sunglasses? Or maybe something more exciting?

Embrace your own power.




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