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The 'Unconditional love'

This month we celebrate Mother's Day,

This wonderful human being, who gave us birth, life.

She nursed us, took care of us, went sleep deprived, gave herself to us - day and night.

I found this poem that I liked very much and I want to share it with you:

"Mothers and daughters, 

Are a bond of strength.

The mother-daughter relationship is almost always on the edge. It is indefinable ...

Like every link in growth, it is mutant and is transformed.

It is a bond so passionate, it is sometimes difficult to control.

From hatred to love in one step, from the confident companion to the mortal enemy

And back to recognition.

The relationship between the two often looks like a roller coaster.

In a matter of minutes, you can move on a sunny day to the biggest of the storms, then go back to see the rainbow.

The first step is to understand that your mother is only human, fragile, imperfect, perhaps with an unhappy childhood. Do not idealize or discredit her.

Your mother is not God, nor you as daughter a saint.

We are people and the best we can do is humanize ourselves, so forgive her if she made a mistake or do something you do not like.

Remember that you want to live your life your way, then let her live hers,

Just love her as she is.

You exist because she exists.

The relationship between mother and daughter can be one of the most beautiful that we experience in life and is one of the most intense, deep and complex of human beings.”

Embera chami mother time

So while we have them alive, let´s enjoy them...

And show them how much we love them.

If you are looking to give your mother a special gift, this month we are offering a 20% discount on all our pieces in our store.

It is important to know that this gift that you will give to your mother is handmade by the Embera Chami Tribe. Each piece is a unique amulet loaded with ancestral knowledge and meaning. In addition, with each piece of jewelry you purchase, you create one hour of social impact.

This is for me the most beautiful part,  being able to share, give, support, love unconditionally.

Just as our mothers have taught us since we came to this world ...

Happy Mother's month to you all!

Talya <3

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