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In the last weeks, I have been thinking a lot about the seeds, the flowers and the change of seasons from winter to spring, as a metaphor of my life.
This is why I was excited when we were invited by a wonderful Shaman from de high Putumayo to the New Year and forgiveness celebrations that took place from the 24th to the 28th of February in Sibundoy Valley, Colombia. I was curious to discover why these are the dates when they celebrate the new year? and how they connect the celebration of the new year to the topic of asking for forgiveness to mother earth, to themselves and to each other?
It is very special to see how they do this; Putting petals of flowers on each other's head and blessing each other for a blooming year and in some time reflecting on their connection to nature, food, air & water.
For the Indigenous in Sibundoy Valley, the year begins when they dance and sing for four days in honor and gratitude to Mother Earth, only then they are ready to sowing their new seeds for the next season. It is very inspiring to see how their lives are so connected to the earth.
The new year begins on a new moon and after the celebrations they plant the seeds and their intentions on the ground, focused on the new beginning, knowing that it is important to be at peace with themselves, with others and with the earth.  Knowing that all this will be the fruits of tomorrow for them, their family and community.

All this has led me to reflect and to be attentive to what I sow, in my actions, my thoughts, my relationships and my dreams and also remind me of these Words of Marianne Williamson pronounced by Nelson Mandela during a speech in 1994.
This month we celebrate international women's day ...
There is so much in this word.... WOMEN
We are seeds, we are fruits, we are ourselves, we are mothers, wives, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, friends and we are also strong women, with big dreams working to fill the world with love and well-being
I wish for all of us to shine and bloom and celebrate life
to support each other, to forgive each other and ourselves and to be attentive to what we sow today, because they will be the flowers and the fruits of tomorrow.
The world needs us like this, Blooming women
shining stars.
with love


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