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A proverb says that Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots.A time when plants and flowers start to grow, the work on the vineyards begins as well as the celebrations for this blossoming season.  It is also said that even birds propose marriage to each other on this very special day.

Thinking of valentine’s day and what it symbolizes, I came up with a question that I wanted to explore with other women.

In our times, who is a woman who loves herself?

And, What does a woman who loves herself do?

In our nature as women, we are mothers, daughters, granddaughters, wives, professionals and much of our energy is concentrated on others.

Which makes me wonder: What do we do for ourselves?

As woman, How do we connect with our power?

In this dialogue with myself, I realized that for me, all answers where related to self-support, empathy, passion and discipline.

This is the way I know that I am loving myself. When I know that in my thoughts I am self-supporting, when I know that I forgive myself after making a mistake. When I have empathy. When I listen deeply to my intuition. When I take my goals and dreams with passion and discipline and work for them every day.

I also know that loving other women, supporting them, treating them with respect and doing something to make them feel good, is a reflection of the love for myself. Towards my feminine and magical side. Towards an ancient wisdom full of wonders.


What I like most about working with the Embera women is that all their weaving's are focused on strengthening, protecting, empowering and beautifying women. It is part of its cultural legacy and is a very important message for these times in which we live.

In this month I celebrate the love that begins from us and the ability to accept and shine with our unique and wonderful light that can transform the world into a much better place.

From where you are and whatever you do, go forward, always taking into account how you love yourself and how you love other women.

Here we have here some Yumajai women that sharing their point of view with us

Who is a woman who loves herself:

"A woman who loves herself  is a woman who is focused on her happiness, on flowing and helping others to do the same"

Laura Prado, Owner of flow, The Best Pilates center in Cali, Colombia.


"A woman who loves herself  is a woman who  accepts herself as she is"

Jessica Bueno- DJ, musical manager and public relations

"A woman who loves herself  surpasses the fear to be imperfect, judged or misunderstood to allow  herself  to shine with her own light!"
Juanita Giraldo- Yoga, healing, permaculture, music.

"A woman who loves herself recognizes that love begins within , that is not found on the outside, that nothing and nobody completes what is missing inside, that discovering your  vocation and following passionately is the best destiny"

Vanessa Henao - Pastry chef

 "A woman who loves herself enjoys the different phases of being a woman and finds in each one a beautiful learning"

Katherine Muñoz- primary school teacher


We invite you to see the videos from the project here

Happy valentine's full of love!


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