We are YumaJai

It is important to start the year by putting our intentions in the dreams that we want to achieve in 2017.  Even if we follow a routine of life and work, we can focus on the things that we want and deserve. We can take advantage of this start as something symbolic for our lives.

I believe a lot in putting out intentions, and when I do I use some ancient jewel loaded with symbolism that becomes my amulet. It reminds me of what I want and accompanies me on the journey.

Last year one of the natives with whom I worked gave me a bracelet that has the meaning of finding your sacred place.

When I put it on, my intention was to return to Colombia, the place where I was born. To be able to return to this beautiful and magical land full of talents and to start a new path. So it was. The bracelet was with me the entire year, and 6 months ago when I went back to Colombia, I suddenly understood that it had fulfilled its function.

I do not say that the bracelet is magic. The magic is how intentions work when we work with pieces loaded with ancestral symbology. Within the quotidian there are many things that are invisible before our eyes.

In the run of modern time, we have lost some of our connection with the sacred and secret elements of the world around us.

We returned to Colombia prepared to take Yumajai, a brand of ethical fashion, to the next level and create a brand of ethical fashion committed to working with the different tribes of Colombia. We went to meet the natives with whom we had worked two years before, and when we proposed to create a collection together with Colombian designers they liked the idea. With the decision in place, we made a call and chose two young and talented designers from Cali to work with us.

In the process of co-creation of this collection we all wanted to restore and remember the symbolism of these everyday elements. Our inspiration was nature and the desire to find the deep and ancestral symbology from it. We chose to create a collection that works with “the secret and sacred of nature”.

The creation of this collection was a great exercise to remember and collect a cultural heritage and make it visible through time. Our desire is that our jewels, loaded with ancestral symbology, help you connect with these secrets, with your intentions, and become your amulets.

We chose the name Yumajai because it connects us with the beauty of colors, how unique and important they are and also as a metaphor of we are. How unique and important each one of us is.

We love the diversity and the celebration that comes when we accept our own power and mix it with the power of others. An ancient Embera legend tells that long time ago the colors began to fight. Each proclaimed that it was the most important, the most useful, the favorite.

The colors were boasting, each convinced that it was the best. Their quarrel grew louder and louder. Suddenly there was a gleam of bright white light. There was Thunder that rumbled loudly, and the rain began to pour relentlessly. The colors began to snuggle in fear, approaching each other for protection.

The rain spoke: "You are crazy, colors, fighting against each other, trying to dominate the rest. Do you not know that the Great Spirit has made you all? Each one for a special, unique, different purpose. He loves you all."

The Great Spirit wants to spread you throughout the world in a great arc of color, as a reminder that he loves you all, that you can live together in peace, as a promise that he is with you, as a sign of hope for tomorrow."

And so the Great Spirit used the rain to wash the world, and put the YumaJai in the sky so that when we see it, we remember that we have to consider each other.

We deeply thank the families of the Colombian Indigenous people belonging to the Embera Chami Tribe we are working with. Thank you for bringing us back to this ancient wisdom, and to have created with us a collection full of connection and meaning.

We hope you will enjoy our new Collection of jewelers, and that our pieces will accompany you and help you achieve many dreams.

We want to invite you to take part of our journey:

  • If you have 10 minutes get to our website, have a tour around and let us know what you think (for us to grow and improve).
  • If you have 5 minutes, think about 3 people you would like to share with them our story & our work and send the them the link of our website.
  • If you have 3 minutes follow us on Instagram and Facebook and help us to spread the word in the social media.


Thank you very much for being part of our community around the globe.

Talya & YumaJai Team

From Colombia to the world.


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