Yumajai celebrating 3 years of social impact and call for action

Dear Friends,
The holidays are already here and we want to share with you our celebration and invite you to get involved. 
5 years ago we started a new journey in our life, an entrepreneurial adventure of the creation of YUMAJAI, our ethical fashion brand who is now celebrating 3 years as an official Brand! 
 Our mission is to protect the indigenous communities in Colombia, preserve their culture and traditions. Yumajai is a business model focused on contributing to the eradication of poverty among indigenous tribes, and bring new opportunities for our indigenous people. 
We are celebrating with you the achievements in the last 3 years:
Yumajai is working with more the 7 artisan communities in Colombia (more than 50 indigenous and native artisans are benefited by the work yumajai gives them)
 Yumajai Creates more than 500 hours of workshop and training of capacity building for and with the indigenous artisan communities.
 Yumajai jewelry are sold all over the world, From Hong Kong via Israeli, Europe, USA and of course in the airport in Colombia
 Yumajai is a Las vegas Market 2018 award winner for social impact and social innovation award in the ‘Buro market’ in Colombia in 2017.
 Yumajai as been selected to be part of a top group of an innovative fashion brand in Colombia  
On this birthday, we want to celebrate YUMAJAI LIFE! And we also want to invite you to take part in our Project and to be involved.
How? There are several paths... 
If you feel the call, here are a few ideas we have in mind about how you can get involved.
3 min-of your time: Share our video and story with your network together with a few words from your heart. In facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/email or even in telepathy :) please engage more people with our story and mission.
 10 min of your time: Check our website and buy a Xmas gift to someone you love, your gift can really create a difference in the world and help more indigenous artisans to keep shining.
 15 min of your time: If you know about grants to which we can apply to receive funds, it would be great if you can share the information
 30 min of your time:  Let's talk to see what other ideas you have for Yumajai to become stronger and stronger so that we can expand our work and impact with indigenous communities
Always in your heart- YUMAJAI AMBASSADOR
  1. Send us good energy and visualize Yumajai as a successful brand that generates a great impact (put us in your altar)
  2. Help us find potential wholesale customers
  3. Recommend our online store when someone is looking for a gift
  4. Help us to connect with a sponsor or possible investors
  5. Develop a product or an alliance with us
  6. Help us connect with fashion influencers, actresses, famous people who can tell the world we are here.


From Colombia to the world
Talya , Dror and Yumajai team

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