Jaguar clutch
Jaguar clutch
Jaguar clutch
Jaguar clutch
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Jaguar clutch


Handmade, ethically sourced Tribal clutch

The Jaguar animal symbol is very ancient and powerful. It is a symbol of the feminine, death, and rebirth. For its holders, the leopard signifies the ability to do many tasks at once, the ability to see in the dark and being powerful even in the night

This clutch handbag is a co-creation from 2 Colombian native communities (Kamsa, and peasant artisan women from Nariño). Each community contributed to creating this wonderful design.

It takes more than 6 days of work to make the clutch. All made 100% handmade.


A good amulet to overcome a hard time and find the courage 

Materials: Iraca palm natural fiber, 24K gold-plated bronze, & glass beads



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