The Grounding GIFT set
The Grounding GIFT set
The Grounding GIFT set
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The Grounding GIFT set

Handmade, ethically sourced gift set

The elements are the basis of the planet and of us, it’s an ancestral way to find a connection and to feel ground.

The AIR element represents Freedom, ideas, change, detachment, perspective, curiosity and the need to socialize.

The WATER element represents flexibility, adaptability, fluency, intimacy, the need to bond emotionally. 

The FIRE element represents the Passion, energy, strength, clarity, will, initiative and impatience. 

The EARTH element represents the Firmness, stability, tenacity, search of the concrete, patience, caution, and security.

good amulet for the fruitfulness of our life project, collaboration, and abundance.

Inside the set, you can find the following items:
  1. Element necklaces
  2. Emerald Earring Pins

Materials: 24K gold-plated bronze and Small handmade bronze earring pins with a 24k gold plating and with a rough emerald.

This GIFT set in 100% handmade by the artisan’s community in Colombia and will support them to keep practice there ancestral tradition and to stay above the poverty line



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