The Jaguar and The Sun Earrings
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The Jaguar and The Sun Earrings


Handmade, ethically sourced Tribal earrings

The inspiration for designing these earrings is poetry. Poetry comes from the depths of the jungle. Imagine the panther sitting on the branch, evening, jungle and full moon shining and illuminating the jungle in the moon colors.

The jaguar spirit animal is the gatekeeper to all that is unknown. A mystical totem, the jaguar offers lessons about reclaiming your inner power by awakening your inner core energy.

The moon represents the cycles and the change and in most cultures, it has symbolically represented the great mother goddess, thus it is also closely linked to the figure of the woman.

Materials: The ancestral technique of ‘cire-perdue’ or ‘lost-wax’ process, plated silver bronze & glass beads.



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